As a teenager I heard the first Shadows tunes on those "yellow vinyl" singles that we had in Norway at the time.

Fired with enthusiasm, together with three friends at school we started a "PIGGTRÅDBAND" as it was called over here.

We never hit the big times, but around Heggedal we became "local heroes." The band only lasted a couple of years -

and afterwards I started collecting Shadows records.

And not just records - vinyl, tape, video, books - everything!!

I have a big collection of Shadows records, but I'm always on the look out for ones that I haven't got.

My main reason for going on the Internet was to meet other Shadows fans around the world and maybe swap or trade records.

Now days am I playing in the band: THE FESTIVAL BOYS, this band was made as we held the

Norwegian "Shadows Festivals" from 1997 - 2002, we have made 4 CD's and more info, is to be found in my pages here.