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These lines are put together by Jan A. Flatby and Dag G. Johnsen.

We would like to thank Horst Schroder and Göran Ulfstedt for the use of pictures in this pages

Here are some lines for you from this year:
"SHADOWS FESTIVALEN 2000" June 3rd 2000.

This years festival started really before the BIG day, June 3rd. As we had a lot of friends and guest coming in from all over the world from June 1st. we decided early that this year we would have a special room where we had set up equipment for the various bands to practice and also during Thursday night we had a lot of mixed Shadows imitations..........You could hear Alan Jones with The Reflections and also Guitar Syndicate. We had also Zoe and Dean try out a track and a lot of others had the chance to try the guitars or drums. So that was really the start of this 4th Shadows Festival in Norway.

A nice display from Fender on our Festival

On Friday June 2nd we had this year an official programme where we had a stage outside the hotel, here we had VOX N' FENDERS playing Cliff and Shadows numbers and also THE REFLECTIONS did play. We could have wish for a "bit" better weather but it was OK as we got no rain. When arriving from the airport some of our guests was presented from the outdoor stage, BRUCE WELCH - JET HARRIS - ALAN JONES - CLIFF HALL. On Friday evening we had a programme for the nightclub of the hotel and it was nice to see that the nightclub was really crowded with people that had come also this day for having a great time. We had playing in the nightclub, THE REFLECTIONS - GUITAR SYNDICATE - RADIO LUX BAND and as guest artists BRUCE did play with both THE REFLECTIONS AND GUITAR SYNDICATE. And we had also the pleasure to see ALAN JONES on stage that night. We also had in one of Norways most popular DJ's Mr. Skeive Skiver, RUNE HALLAND and he managed to get the people out on the dance floor. So the festival was really on it's way with a GREAT start!

Bruce playing on Friday June 2nd

Then we had come to the main day, Saturday June 3rd. and we could official open the 4th Shadows festival in Norway, and we also this year had BRUCE WELCH as guest of honour and we where very glad that he also this year also wanted to be over for his 4th festival in Norway, so we would like to thank Bruce specially as this was a great moment for us all seing him on stage after his illness. Over for his 3rd festival, JET HARRIS we had this year as the Saturday night "showtime" JET HARRIS'S SHADOWS and I am sure you all know that we are then talking of JET HARRIS with THE RAPIERS the UK number one Shadows copy band THE RAIPERS, also included in JET HARRIS'S SHADOWS are also CLIFF HALL. We had also the pleasure of having ALAN JONES as our guest. And the list of guests had just started!! We will mention, THE REFLECTIONS, THE PISTOLEROS, GUITAR SYNDICATE (From Belgium) JOE'S COMBO (From Sweden)

We then started off from the stage in the main conserthall and first out also this year, THE FESTIVAL BOYS (also this year we had closed all main exits so all being there had to live through the 5 tunes being played!) So we had also this year the pleasure of a good crowd even when those old gentlemen was on stage.

The Festival Boys on stage

The hard task of following The Festival Boys this year came from Sweden and was JOE'S COMBO and those guys was really great! They did play a good mix of self penned GREAT Shadows sounding tunes and also some more not so often heard tunes played, like "Pulaski"

Joe's Combo on stage

Then we had the very positive band from last year THE PISTOLEROS The band has a GREAT sound and it is nice to hear them playing the older Norwegian instrumentals, and they also include some more rare tracks from various other bands. Ofcourse they had a number of Shadows tunes and also this year these boys got a lot of positive reactions.

The Pistoleros on stage

Then it was for time for this years surprise! BJELLEKLANG This being Norway's most popular a cappella band!! And why have a vocal band at a Shadows Festival.......? The reason for us was very clear as they had a GREAT version of "Apache" and they really hold the audience to an half our programme with a lot of fun and some great vocal versions of many well known tunes.

Bjelleklang on stage

Then it was time for one of the highlights of the Festival GUITAR SYNDICATE This band from Belgium who do play all over Europe, they have played at Bruce Welch' "Shadowmania" two times and the time was come for us over in Norway to have them at the festival. The guys in Guitar Syndicate do a lot of the more album side of numbers from The Shadows and they also have a change of guitars when playing something from the Burns period, it is always nice to see those white Burns along with the tunes we know was used in that period. We do get a lot of nice number we not hear that often and it is nice sitting hearing tunes from various LP's of The Shadows. And they has also the nice easy way of handling being on the stage, so we the audience had a very nice time seeing them on stage. We also had the pleasure to see Bruce Welch on the stage together with Guitar Syndicate. I am sure that that we will someday see Guitar Syndicate over here again.

Guitar Syndicate with Bruce as guest
Guitar Syndicate saying thank you from the stage

Then the stage was set for THE REFLECTIONS and this band of young Norwegians has become the "house band" for us here in Norway. We have been so lucky following them from the first Shadows Festival here in 97 and since then it has been one way for the guys, upwards!! They have been all over Europe playing at every Shadows event ofcourse including "Shadowmania"and in all places they have made a GREAT performance. We got this year a more varied range of tunes from the boys as they have put in the playlist some non Shadows tunes and I can say right away that this has just added more to these young guys, it sound even more good than before. I will hasty mention that the guys are working with a new CD,and this will be out early 2001, news about this will be in our pages. Over to the show again, The Reflection had this year also as last years festival a visit of a lot of good friends on stage. To start on the guest list we had ALAN JONES they did some nice numbers together from the stage, but the list of guest doesn't stop here, then BRUCE WELCH entered the stage and we got some GREAT number with Bruce and Alan together with The Reflections. To finish of the guest list from The Reflecions we also this year had the pleasure of having over from "The Young Stars" U.B. Hank club in the U.K. lead by Mr. Patrick Terrett, ZOE MC CULLOCH we all knew her from last years visit and she did a fantastic performance also this year as well and the audience being there was even more impressed seeing this young girl for the second time. Not to forget DEAN WHALE who also was over together from the U.B. Hank Club. They did some numbers together and they both was excellent in their playing. Do remember that Zoe just 13 and Dean 12 years old............well, a lot of us has something to learn here!! This show from The Reflections and friends ended the day/evening programme for this festival.

Zoe and Dean on stage with The Reflections

Bruce and Alan with The Reflections

Now we where over to the evening "Showtime" and this year we where much pleased to present JET HARRIS' SHADOWS On stage first for they solo act we had THE RAPIERS and what a professional band.....!! This must be the best Shadows copy band these days. Seeing them on stage and Mr. Colin Pryce Jones with the black glasses, well it's just like seeing The Shadows in the old days. The sound they have are also just as autentic to the one used in the 60's so you really get to see The Shadows of The Shadows...........!! They started up with "Shadoogie" and did then a lot of the old Shadows tunes, both instrumentals and vocals. Then we had on stage JET HARRIS and he started off with "Main title theme". Then the hits we all love so much keep coming like: "36 24 36" - "Gonzales" - "Nivram" - "Diamonds" Just to mention a few. Also on stage was CLIFF HALL One of the really highlights of this show was when Jet introduced Zoe on stage and they did play together the lovely song "Here I stand".

The Rapiers on stage

Jet Harris' Shadows

Jet and Zoe playing "Here I stand"

Jet in action

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