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These lines are put together by Jan A. Flatby and Dag G. Johnsen.

We would like to thank "The Norwegian Fender club" and Kjetil Storvik very much for all support and let us use the pictures for this page.

Here it is at last, some lines to let you all know how this years Shadows festival in Oslo at "Rockefeller Music Hall" 22nd of May 99. turned out.
We had also this year a lots of GREAT names for the festival, Bruce Welch was our guest of honour and we had got from Sweden The Spotnicks, the original line-up from 1959 and also today's Spotnicks. And ofcourse a lot of good Norwegian bands like The Beatniks, The Zodiacs…….pluss a lot of others, do read on and we are sure you will understand that we had a "great" festival!!

This was the 4th Shadows festival in Norway as we had a mini festival in January this year as well. We tried this year a new place, the most popular rock club in Oslo, Rockefeller. We had a few comments about this as many did like the hotel concept of doing the festival, meaning that you stay at the same place as the event are. We tried this club, as we mainly were afraid that we would not be able to have tickets for everyone. Just let you all know that we had this year 12 different bands!! And we started at 13.00 and was going for nearly 13 hours!!!!! So I believe that more than one had hurting feet when that day was at it's end……….

We started off this year with ourselves THE FESTIVAL BOYS as it was mentioned from the stage " We have our act first as we have now closed all the doors and after a few minutes you are through with the pain from us! " We are happy to add that all being there was staying and hopefully liked what they heard.

Bruce and Jan Flatby on stage

Then the festival was started off with THE RUMBLES a Norwegian band, this being a good band playing mostly Shadows covers and had really the sound that we love to hear.

The Rumbles on stage

Then over to one of the big surprises on this year's festival, THE PISTOLEROS also a Norwegian band, this with guys all less than 30 years. They had in their act included a lot of the early Norwegian tunes from bands like "The Flames" / " The Quivers" and other great Norwegian bands from that periode, and we all were most surprised as we usually hear a lot of Shadows covers from the various bands. There is no saying you must just play Shadows stuff as we are celebrating the music of The Shadows. It is so much good instr. music out there so it was nice to hear this from The Pistoleros.

The Pistoleros on stage

Then the stage was left over to TONY & THE YOUNG ONES This was also a Norwegian band. Here we had more of a Cliff & Shadows act as they had a lot of Cliff and Shadows tunes playing and very nice to here some selfpenned instrumentals included.

Anders Olsen from Tony & The Young Once

Then came RADIO LUX BAND maybe a name some of you remember from our previous festivals. A good band also from Norway who this year had done their act to a vocal section from The Shadows and this was GREAT as we usually hear all the various instrumentals from The Shadows. So this was really something different this year.

Radio Lux Band on stage

Then the stage was left over to THE BEAT TORNADOS also a Norwegian band. This was also a nice surprise as we have here a band that plays surf instrumental. We got a lot of great tunes from them. It was great to hear the fast rough surf tunes and they had also included some Shadows covers and very nice too as they had made Kon- Tiki into a great Hawaiian sounding tune………..Great!!

The Beat Tornados on stage

Then the stage was left over to THE REFLECTONS a band who now are very well known by all Shadows fans as they have been playing at both "Shadowmania" held by Bruce Welch and they have also visited Germany, France and Holland at Shadows events as well. This year at the festival they were presenting their first CD " "Reflections Of The Shadows" a CD that can be recommended for all lovers of good Shadows music. (If you like this CD, do let us know and we can help you get it, it is worth it!)
These guys are still in their early 20's it is just GREAT!! They are getting better and better. In the programme it was The Reflections with guests and who was these guests? We were soon to know this from the stage. As the name Nick Kelly was mentioned. He was over from the U.B. Hank club in UK and played fantastic. He is only 15 years. And then we had the great trill of having Zoe Mc Culloch also from the U.B. Hank club in UK, she was 12 years old and played like she had done this for many, many years. We can tell you all that this was a very nice surprise to see them both on stage. Nick and Zoe was also given the award "The Norwegian Troll Award" for outstanding music at our festival. And we want to send a BIG thank you to Mr. Patrick Terrett from the U.B. Hank club who had brought them over as this was one of the highlights of the festival and we hope to have them back. Also included on stage with The Reflection was Bruce Welch …………our guest of honour. We would like to thank Bruce for all the support he has done for the Norwegian festivals, we have all the time got positive reactions from him and we hope he likes to be over here for the Norwegian Shadows festival 2000.

The Reflections on stage
Zoe Mc Culloch on stage with The Reflections

Then the stage were left over to THE ZODIACS a band from Norway that also was at last years festival. They were one of the most popular Norwegian bands in the early 60's and they have still a GREAT stage act. They have a way of including a lot of fun from the stage together with all their old instr. and also vocals.

Ivar Hanson from The Zodiacs

We then had THE BEATNIKS on stage. A band who has been on every Norwegian Shadows festivals, and this year they had also a relase of their last CD called "Into The Shadows" If you like good instrumentals, well you need this for your collection. (If you like this CD, we can help you get it!)
The Beatniks is fronted by Svein Finjarn and Carsten Deberitz (both from the original line up) They are celebrating 40 years in the business…………..so they are without any doubt one of the really grand old instr. bands. We got a lot of the tunes from the new CD and we also hear the new recordings of "Istanbul" and "Sabre Dance" This was really a nice surprise from The Beatniks.

The Beatniks on stage

We had now got to the end of the day programme, and we had Rune Halland, Mr. Skeive Skiver from P4 radio in Norway to entertain for us for nearly an hour. We will hasty mention here that we had also this year a display of guitars, Per Olsen from Imerslund was also having a GREAT display of various guitars and everything else you would like to have to get that right sound from the Fender. Also Burns guitars was on display and we had sales of CD's/vinyl and everything else connecting to The Shadows.

It was now time for the evening programme and we wanted to have Bruce Welch on stage and he was presented with a replica of an old Norwegian Viking sword. Something he was very pleased to get. And he was invited to play together with THE FESTIVAL BOYS , we did "The Savage" in a slightly more fast, tough version than we know Bruce usually do from the stage, but it was a version to remember………..!!

The evening show was started by ME AND SHADS This was a band from Sweden fronted by a Cliff look a like and he really was………..They presented a good Cliff and Shadows act from the early 60's with first The Shadows and then their Cliff & Shadows act.

Then we had the original line-up from THE SPOTNICKS from 59 on stage. We must say it was great to hear and see the "old" guys giving us the tunes we know so well, like "Amapola", "Hava Nagila", "Last Date" and so on. They were dressed in the original suits from 1960, only Bo Winberg refused to dress like that. The sound was spot on "Spotnicks" and the audience went wild. They were very polite and humble and we were very much impressed of their profesjonalism after not playing that much in the last years. Bjørn Thelin, the bassplayer and Ove Johansson, the drummer then left the stage after playing "Amapola", it was time for THE SPOTNICKS 99 which is Bo Winberg, lead guitar, Bob Lander, rhythm guitar and vocals, Ralph Nilson, lead and rhythm guitar. Stefan Eriksson, bass guitar and Bjørn Fryklund drums and again the sound was terrific! Ralph Nilson was an excellent guitar picker. Albert Lee and Chet Atkins - watch out!! They played "Riders In The sky, Johnny Guitar, Diamonds, Orange Blossom Special, Moonshot" etc. It was very varied mix of great Spotnicks hits. At the end of the show, Spotnicks 99 was joined by Bjørn Thelin and Ove Johansson and they all played and finished with "Amapola". It was a very magical moment, and a fantastic day had come to it's end. 13 hours of guitarmusic, in the spirit of The Shadows was maybe too much, but the audience was very pleased and we were tired, but HAPPY!! So look out for next year, "The Shadows Festival 2000" will be held Saturday 3rd of June, more news will VERY soon be added to my homepage about this event. Including some VERY nice names from the UK and other GREAT names, so do visit my pages in the near future............

The Spotnicks 59 on stage

The Spotnicks 99 on stage

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