A few words about this years:


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More lines/pictures will soon be added, this is just to let you all have a little preview!!

We had this year over Bruce Welch (for the 5th year running!!) as the guest of honour. And a bit special this year for Bruce as he was awarded from FENDER and also got a gold disc for the Norwegian EMI CD "Kon - Tiki, De beste fra 1960 - 1980"
Of bands we had this year fantastic performances of the following: THE BEATNIKS (Norway) THE MUSTANGS (Finland) THE REFLECTIONS (Norway) THE GOLDFINGERS (Sweden) THE ZODIACS (Norway) THE PISTOLEROS (Norway) and ofcourse THE FESTIVAL BOYS

The above price was awarded to Bruce from Fender, it was one of the higlights of the "Shadows Festivalen 2001" On the award it says: PRESENTED TO BRUCE WELCH WITH THANKS FROM FENDER GUITARS.

Bruce with the prices and Phil Hadler which presented the Fender award to him on behalf of Fender.

Bruce on stage, playing "The Savage" with THE FESTIVAL BOYS on the "Showtime"

Svein Arild from THE REFLECTIONS doing a great show.

Svein Finjarn on stage, it was one of the really highlights THE BEATNIKS with their fantastic show, the longest running band in Norway and we saw why at the festival, it was a show with all the old/new tunes from the band!!

More to follow soon from "SHADOWS FESTIVALEN 2001"

(Many thanks to Kjetil Storvik for using the above pictures)