These are all items I have to trade with various members of the Shadows plus others,all items are also up for sale,do ask for a price!!
( 45 are single with pic cover. A45 are single without pic cover. B12" are a 12" single/EP. Gradings are:Cover/Record )
And finally please note: I do NOT have all the listed items in at all time but as I keep getting in records/CD's all the time I have them listed.

Mail me if there is something you want.



   45   B.B   Spain     Voyage/Solstice                    DJM.DJO-618               VG+/VG+ 
   45   B.B   Spain     Saturday night special (Single sided PROMO!) DJM P57         VG+/VG+ 
   45   B.B   Sweden    Wallop/The girls back home         Mercury.6016 048           M-/M- 
   45   B.B   U.K.      Shake down/You're gonna love this  EMI.2988                   M-/M- 
   45   B.B   U.K.      Chase side shoot-up/Pegasus        Fontana.6007040            VG/VG 
   A45  B.B   U.K.      Ridin' on the gravy train/Bubble.. Col.DB 8706                  /VG(-) 
   A45  B.B   U.K.      Thunderbolt/Clearing skies         DJM.DJS 10714                /M- 
   A45  B.B   U.K.      Saturday night special/Farwell.... DJM.DJS 10756                /M- 
   LP   B.B   U.K.      Change of directions/The illustrated... SFM.See205            M-/M- 
   LP   B.B   U.K.      Rock Dreams                        DJM.DJF 20499              M-/M- 
   LP   B.B   U.K.      Fantasia(Same as "Voyage" LP,other cover/tunes!) Brut.BRI10  VG+/VG+ 
   A45  B.W   U.K.      Please Mr.Please/Song of yesterday EMI.2141                     /M- 
   CD   C.H.  EEC       Irish mist (Cliff Hall!!!)         Double P.GRF 277            M/M 
   CD   W.B/M.G U.K.    Close to the hedge                 WMI                        M-/M- 
   45   HBM/C.R Norway  Throw down a line/Reflections      Col.DB 8615                VG/VG 
   45   HBM   U.K.      Don't talk/Life line               Pol.POSP 420               M-/M- 
   45   HBM   U.K.      The hawk and the dove/Janine       Pol.POSP 581               M-/M- 
   45   HBM   Norway    Don't talk/Life line               Pol.2059 466               M-/M- 
   45   HBM   Norway    The trouble with../Captain Zlogg   Pol.2059 522               M-/M- 
   45   HBM   U.K.      Invisible man/All alone with..     Pol.POSP 618               M-/M- 
   45   HBM   U.K.      Wonderful land/Nivram              Pol.PO 297                 M-/M- 
   45   HBM   U.K.      We are the champions/Moontalk      Pol.PO 229                 M-/M- 
   45   HBM   Denmark   Sacha/Sunday for seven days        Col.DB 8601               VG-/VG 
   A45  HBM   Australia Evening comes/Morning star         Col.DO 9112                  /VG+ 
   A45  HBM   U.K.      Goonight Dick/Wahine               Col.DB 8552                  /VG+ 
   LP   HBM   U.K.      All alone with friends             Pol.POLD 5104              M-/M- 
   LP   HBM   Sweden    Words & Music                      Pol.2383634                M-/M- 
   LP   HBM   U.K.      Guitar syndicate                   EMI.EMC 3215               M-/M- 
   LP   HBM   U.K.      Hank Marvin                        Col.SXC 6352              VG+/VG+ 
   CD   HBM   U.K.      Handpicked                         Pol.527 387-2              M-/M- 
   CD45 HBM   U.K.      We are the champions               Pol.PZCD 229               M-/M- 
   CD45 HBM   U.K.      We are the champions PROMO(Alt. version)  Pol.Hank 1          M-/M- 
   A45  J&T   U.K.      Applejack/The tall Texan           Decca.F 11710                /VG 
   A45  J&T   U.K.      Diamonds/Footstomp                 Decca.F 11563                /VG+ 
   A45  J&T   U.K.      Diamonds/Scarlett O'Hara           London.OG 9332               /M- 
   CD   J&T   Germany   Diamonds & other gems              Deram.820 634-2            M-/M- 
   EP   J&T   U.K.      Jet Harris & Tony Meehan           Decca.F 13892              M-/M- 
   LP   J&T   U.K.      Remembering DECCA.                 REM 1                      M-/M- 
   45   J.R   U.K.      Funny old world/Green apples DEMO  Col.DB 8794  (VERY RARE!)    /VG+      
   LP   J.F   Holland   John Farrar                        CBS.84324                 VG+/VG+ 
   LP   J.F   U.K.      John Farrar ( Promo mark on cover )CBS 84324                  M-/M- 
   A45  J.F   Australia John & Mary/With Rainnie...        Fable FB-066                 /VG 
   LP   J.H   U.K.      Inside Jet Harris (Red Sticker & Signed!!) Ellie Jay. EJSP 8622 M/M 
   45   J.H   Sweden    Love me tender/An American triology (Signed!!) Triola.TS 4009 M-/M- 
   45   J.H   Sweden    Love me tender/An American triology Triola.TS 4009            M-/M- 
   45   J.H   U.K.      Diamonds/Big bad bass from Texas   Q.Records.Q101             M-/M- 
   A45  J.H   N.Z       Some people/Main title theme       Decca.DC 251                 /VG 
   A45  J.H   U.K.      The guitar man/Theme               SRT.SRTS 77389               /M- 
   EP   J.H   U.K.      Jet Harris                         Decca.DFE 8502            VG+/VG+ 
   Tape J.H   U.K.      Fistful of strings II( Cassette only!! ) MCPS                  M/M 
   LP   M&F   U.K.      Hank Marvin & John Farrar          EMI.EMA 755                M-/M- 
   A45  MWF   U.K.      Faithful/Mr.Sun                    Reg.Z.RZ 3030                /VG- 
   A45  MWF   U.K.      Lady of the morning/Tiny Robin     Reg.Z.RZ 3035                /VG+ 
   A45  MWF   Denmark   Faithful/Mr.Sun                    Reg.Z.RZ 3030                /VG+ 
   LP   MWF   Holland   Marvin,Welch & Farrar (Single.Cover!!) EMI.5C038-04715        M-/M- 
   LP   MWF   U.K.      Step from The Shadows              SFM.See 78                 M-/M- 
   LP   MWF   Holland   The best of                        Regal.Z.5C054.05654        M-/M 
   LP   MWF   U.K.      Marvin,Welch & Farrar              EMI/Reg.SRZA 8502         VG+/VG+ 
   LP   MWF   U.K.      Second Opinion                     EMI/Reg.SRZA 8504          M-/M- 
   LP   MWF   U.K.      Second Opinion (Quadraphonic!!!)   EMI.Re.Q4SRZA 8504         M-/M- 
   45   ONJ.  Japan     Long live love/Angel eyes          EMI/Odeon EOR-10533        M-/M- 
   45   ONJ.  Japan     Let me be there/If not for you     EMI.EMR-10699              M-/M- 
   45   ONJ.  Japan     If you love me,let../Brotherly     EMI.EMR-10600              M-/M- 
   45   ONJ.  Japan     Have you ever../Water under..      EMI.EMR-10730              M-/M- 
   45   ONJ.  Japan     Follow me/Summertime blues         EMI.EMR-10793              M-/M- 
   45   ONJ.  Japan     Come on over/Small talk and pride  EMI.EMR-10950              M-/M- 
   45   ONJ.  Japan     Jolene/Wrap me in your arms        EMI.EMR-20043              M-/M- 
   45   ONJ.  Japan     Don't stop belivin'/Take me home.. EMI.EMR-20105              M-/M- 
   45   ONJ.  Japan     Compassionate man/Love hold the..  EMI.EMR-20155              M-/M- 
   45   ONJ.  Japan     Sam/Greensleves                    EMI.EMR-20220              M-/M- 
   45   ONJ.  Japan     Making a good thing../I think...   EMI.EMR-20280              M-/M- 
   45   ONJ.  Japan     I honestly love../Please Mr. Pl....EMI.EMR-20380              M-/M- 
   45   ONJ.  Japan     A little more love/Borrowed time   EMI.EMR-20500              M-/M- 
   45   ONJ.  Japan     Deeper than the night/Please don't.EMI.EMR-20584              M-/M- 
   45   ONJ.  Japan     Rest your love on me/Don't cry for.EMI.EMR-20686              M-/M- 
   45   ONJ.  Japan     Jolene/Country roads (Both live!!) EMI.EMS-17119              M-/M- 
   45   ONJ.  Japan     Physical/The promise               EMI.EMS-17172              M-/M- 
   45   ONJ.  Japan     Make a move on me/Falling          EMI.EMS-17212              M-/M- 
   45   ONJ.  Japan     Tied up/Silvery rain               EMI.EMS-17310              M-/M- 
   45   ONJ.  Japan     I can't help it/Someone I ain't    RSO.DWQ-6088               M-/M- 
   45   ONJ.  Japan     Magic/Fool country                 JET.06SP 489               M-/M- 
   45   ONJ.  Japan     Suspened in time/You made me...    JET.07SP 524               M-/M- 
   45   ONJ.  Germany   You're the one that../Alone at..   RSO.2090279               VG+/VG+ 
   45   ONJ.  Sweden    Twist of fate/Take a chance        Polar.POS.1348            VG+/M- 
   45   ONJ.  USA       You're the ....../Alone at the...  RSO.RS 891                 VG/VG+ 
   45   ONJ.  Holland   Xanadu/Foolcountry                 JET.JET 185               VG+/M- 
   45   ONJ.  USA       Soul kiss/Electric                 MCA.MCA-52686              M-/M- 
   45   ONJ.  Sweden    Heart attack/Strangers touch Polar.POS 1314                  VG+/VG+ 
   45   ONJ.  USA       Twist of fate/Take a chance        MCA.MCA-52284              M-/M- 
   45   ONJ.  Norway    I can't help it/Someone I ain't    RSO.2090.438              VG+/VG+ 
   A45  ONJ.  U.K.      Every face...../Love you hold..    EMI.2574                     /VG 
   A45  ONJ.  Norway    Long live love/Angel eyes          EMI.7E006-95309              /M- 
   A45  ONJ.  USA       Hoplessly devoted to../Love is a.. RSO.RS 903                   /M- 
   A45  ONJ.  USA       Deeper than the../Please don't..   MCA.MCA-41009                /VG 
   A45  ONJ.  U.K.      If not for you/The biggest clown   PYE.7N25543                  /VG 
   A45  ONJ.  Canada    Xanadu/Whenever you're away....    MCA. MCA-41285               /VG+ 
   B12" ONJ.  USA       Toughen up                         MCA.MCA-23606              M-/M- 
   LP   ONJ.  Sweden    Totally hot                        Polar.POLS 296             M-/M- 
   LP   ONJ.  U.K.      Clearly love                       EMI.EMA 744               VG+/VG+ 
   LP   ONJ.  USA       Don't stop belivin'                MCA.MCA-2223              VG+/VG+ 
   LP   ONJ.  Holland   Xanadu                             Jet.LX 526                 M-/M- 
   LP   ONJ.  Sweden    Greatest hits                      EMI.7C062-60058            M-/M- 
   LP   ONJ.  France    Grease (Double LP!)                RSO.2658 125              VG+/VG+ 
   LP   ONJ.  U.K.      Olivia Newton John                 PYE.NSPL 28155            VG+/VG+ 
   LP   ONJ.  USA       Olivia Newton John                 MCA.MCA-411               VG+/VG+ 
   LP   ONJ.  Japan     Let me be there                    EMI.EMS-80077              M-/M- 
   LP   ONJ.  Japan     Long live love                     EMI.EMS-80005              M-/M- 
   LP   ONJ.  Czechosl. Olivia Newton John                 EMI/Supraphon.1132269     VG+/VG+ 
   LP   ONJ.  Sweden    Don't stop belivin'                EMI.7C062-98355           VG+/VG+ 
   LP   ONJ.  Sweden    Making a good thing better         EMI.7C062-99261           VG+/VG+ 
   LP   ONJ.  U.K.      Have you ever been mellow          EMI.EMC 3069              VG+/VG+ 
   LP   ONJ.  Germany   Olivia N. John Greatest Hits       EMI.1C088-64 956          VG+/VG+ 
   LP   ONJ.  Sweden    Physical                           Polar.POLS 348             M-/M- 
   LP   ONJ.  USA       Soul Kiss                          MCA.MCA-6151              VG+/M- 
   LP   ONJ.  Malaysia? The best of Olivia Newton John     Creato.MLR-1023            M-/M-
   CD   ONJ.  EEC       Gaia                               CMC 44002-2                M-/M- 
   45   T&S   Holland   No time to loose/Live again        AM.AMS 6897                VG/VG 
   45   T&S   Germany   Takin' me back/Set the minstrel free AM.AMS 6648 DEMO        VG+/VG+ 
   FLEX T&S   U.K.      Introducing Tarney & Spencer band  AM.SFI 335                 M-/M- 
   LP   T&S   Holland   Run for your life                  AM.AMLH 20068              M-/M- 
   LP   T&S   U.K.      Tarney & Spencer                   Bradley.BRADL1011          VG/VG+ 
   A45  T.M   U.K.      Song of Mexico/Kings go fifth      Decca.F11801                 /VG 
   LP   A.H   U.K.      Cocktail time ( One side A.Hawkshaw ) BRUTON. BRS 4           VG/VG+