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( 45 are single with pic cover. A45 are single without pic cover. B12" are a 12" single/EP. Gradings are:Cover/Record)
And finally please note: I do NOT have all the listed items in at all time but as I keep getting in records/CD's all the time I have them listed.

Mail me if there is something you want.
A45	Al Casey	Guitars,guitars/The hearse		Germany	CBS.1304	   	 /VG
A45	Apollo 100	Mendelsohn 4/Reach for the sky		Norway	Polydor.2001348		/VG+
A45	Bert Weedon	Medley/Bella Ciao			U.K.Polydor.2058832		    /M-
A45	Bert Weedon	Ginchy/Yearning				Norway	Top Rank. JAR 537	/VG+
A45	Bonnie Guitar	There's a new......./Mister fire eys	Denmark	Dot D45-131	    	/VG
A45	Booker T & The MG'S	Summertime/Hip hug-her		USA	Stax.45.211	  	 /VG
45	Chet Atkins	Letter edged in black/Yakety axe	Germany	RCA. 47-8590		VG+/VG+
45	Clem Quinn	Bucks polka/O sole mio			Germany	PYE.DV 14451		VG+/VG+
A45	Duane Eddy	Theme from Dixie/The Battle		U.K.	London. 45-HLW 9324	    /VG
A45	Duane Eddy	Rebel walk/Because they're so young	U.K.	London.HLW 9162	    	/VG
A45	Duane Eddy	Kommotion/Theme for young children	U.K.	London.HLW 9225	    	/VG+
A45	Hank C.Burnette	Spinning rock boogie/Don't mess with ..	U.K.	Sonet.SON 2094	    	/M-
A45	Herb Alpert	Cinco De Mayo/Spanish flea		Germany	London.DL 20797	    	/VG
45	Herp Alpert	Wade in the water/Mexican road race	Germany	London.DL20964		M-/M-
45	Jerry W. & The Violents	Goonight my love/+1(Blue vin)	Sweden	Sonet. T-7542	        VG/VG
A45	Joe Brown	That's what love will do/Hava Nagila	Norway	PYE.7N35106	    	/VG
A45	Johnny & The Hurricanes	Sand Storm (Onesided DEMO!!)	U.K.	London.MSCI 4214	/VG
45	Jørgen Ingmann	Milord/Oceans of love			Denmark	Metronome.B 1477	VG/VG
45	Jørgen Ingmann	Zorba/Marie				Norway	Metronome.B 1628	VG/VG
A45	Jørgen Ingmann	Amorada/Pepe				Norway	Metronome.B 1458	  /VG
A45	Jørgen Ingmann	Min ballon/Katten og musen		Denmark	Metronome B 1507	  /VG
45	Hank The Knife	Diamonds/Tenderfoot			Holland	Mercury.6017109		M-/M-
45	Lasse Haggstrøms	Take good care of my baby/Flowers Sweden Rainbow.RMS 103	M/M
A45	Lenart Clerwall & Moonriders	Hunger/Lonsome Moonride  (Promo!) Sweden Rainbow.Promo.2. /M
45	Mike & The Moonbeams	The Lost City/Chariot		Sweden	Rainbow.RMS 102		M/M
45	Mike Oldfield	Wonderful land/Sheba			Germany	Virgin.102.865		M-/M-
A45	Mojo		Shad's medley/It's a game		U.K.	Creole.CR17		    /M-
A45	Reg Owen & His swinging... Teen dreams/Bye bye Blackbird USA	Palette.PZ5078	    	/VG
45	Ricky King	Agadir/Flower of paradise		Germany	Epic. A7020		M/M
45	Ricky King	Liebestraume/Sabeltanz			Germany	Epic.EPCA 1070		M-/M-
45	Ricky King	Traumland/Aria/Scarborough fair		Germany	Eurostar.39820023	M-/M-
45	Robbie & The Ryders	Driftin/Why little girl/Sway	Sweden	Triola.TS 4910		M/M
A45	Russ Conway	Pxilated pinguin/Side saddle (Yellow vinyl!)Norway	Col.DB 4256	/VG+
45	Santo & Johnny	Flamingo/Brazil				Italy	Produttor.NP 7061	VG+/VG+
A45	Springwater	Stone cross/I will return		U.K.	Polydor.2058151		 /VG+
45	The Beatnicks	Ti'a er nå/Keiser Bill			Norway	Mercury.8123757		M/M
45	The Cliffters	Just as I did/When my little... Denmark	Philips 355 260 PF              VG/VG
45	The Nightdrivers	Outlaw/Golden Sunburst		Sweden	Rainbow.RMS 101		M/M
45	The Partners	Desefinado/Ghost train			Sweden	Triola.TS 4001		M/M
45	The Partners Med Ernie Tune	Little Nicodemus/Princess Of My...SwedenTriola.TS 4002	M/M
A45	The Piltdown Men	Mc Donalds cave/Brontusaurus stomp	U.K.	Capitol.15149	/VG
A45	The Ramrods	Zig Zag/Ghost riders in the sky	USA	Flashback.FLB 22		 /VG+
A45	The Rocking Ghost	Oh oh what a kiss/I only want to be.....Denmark	Metronome.B1651	/VG
45	The Rocking Ghost	Belinda/Ghost walk			Denmark	Metronome.B1615	VG/VG
45	The Silhouettes	Hot licks/Behind every Cliff theres a....Germany	MCA.103509	M-/M-
45	The Snapshots	Tico tico twist/Rag of rags		Norway	Manu.MA-29		VG+/VG
45	The Spotnicks	Last date/Le dernier train de l'espace	Sweden	Karusell.KFF 577	VG/VG
45	The Spotnicks	Speak softly/Amapola			Germany	Polydor.2121144		M-/M-
A45	The Spotnicks	Papa oom mow mow/Merry Elephant		Sweden	Swedisc.SWES 1041 	/VG-
A45	The Spotnicks	Drina/Bach goes to sea			Sweden	Swedisc.SWES 1010	/VG-
A45	The Spotnicks	Spanish Gypsy..../Deep in the heart of..Norway	Karusell.KFF-528	/VG
A45	The Strangers	In the beginning/This brave worldUSA	Afton.A-1700 		    	/VG+
A45	The String-A-Longs	Brass buttons/Panic button	U.K.	London.HLU 9354		    /VG-
A45	The String-A-Longs	Twistwatch/Sunday		Denmark	DOT.D 291		    /VG-
A45	The String-A-Longs	Mathilda/Replica		Scandivia DOT. D-311	   	 /VG
A45	The String-A-Longs	Should I/Take a minute		Germany	London.DL 20446	    	/VG
A45	The String-A-Longs	Wheels/Am I asking too much	U.K.	London.HLU 9278	   	/VG+
A45	The Sunbeams	I've got a lovely bunch.../Schlafe mein...	Norway	Manu.MA-42	/VG-
A45	The Tornados	Telstar(French mix)/Telstar    (Promo!)	U.K.	Rayhal 001		    /M-
A45	The Tornados	Telstar/Jungle fever			U.K.	Decca.F11494		    /VG
A45	The Tornados	Globetrotter/Locomotion			U.K.	Decca.F11562		    /VG+
A45	The Tornados	Robot/Life on venus			U.K.	Decca F11606		    /VG+
45	The Ventures	Walk don't run/Hawaii five-o		Holland	Liberty.1A00683180	M/M
A45	The Waikikis	Waikiki welcome/Hawaii Tattoo		Norway	Palette PB-40077	/VG
45	The Wodash	Eleanor Rigby/Temptation		Sweden	Rainbow.RMS 104		M/M
45	Tommy Seebach	Tommygum rock'n'roll show/Yes or no	Denmark	EMI.00639160		M-/M-
A45	Tommy Seebach	Apache/Bubble sex			Denmark	EMI.6C00639230		    /VG+
LP	Tommy Seebach	Disco Tango				Sweden	EMI.6C062-39290		M-/M-
A45	Werner Muller	Boola/Guitar boogie shuffle		Germany	Decca.D18953		    /VG
LP	1961		The Fabulous Sound Of			Sweden	Rainbow.RBMLP 681	M/M
LP	Albert Lee	Hiding					Holland	A.M. CB 271		M-/M-
LP	Alvin Lee	Free Fall				U.K.	Avatar.AALP 5002	M-/M-
LP	Big Jeff & The..Trible Mind				Holland	CR 28140		M/M
LP	Black Bandits	Rhapsody In Rock			Holland	Rocker.123302 		M/M
LP	Chet Atkins	And His Guitar				Germany	RCA.Camden.CAL.659	VG+/VG+
LP	Chet Atkins	The Guitar Genius			USA	RCA.Camden.SND-5110	VG+/VG+
EP	Chico Schnelszer Spring Is In The Air			Sweden	Rainbow.RMEP 1581	M/M
EP	Chrissy,Teenbeats Scandinavian.....Vol.7.		Sweden	Rainbow.RMEP 1481	M/M
EP	Danny ,Elctro..	Rocker EP   4.				Holland	Rocker.1961.3304	M/M
LP	Die Sputniks	Dei Fruhen Jahre			E.Germany	Amiga.850872	M-/M-
LP	Duane Eddy	Guitar Man				U.K.	Pickwick.SHM 947	M-/M-
LP	Eddy & The You.	Eddy & The Yound Ones			Germany	Crystal.056CRY32300	VG+/VG+
LP	Electric Johnny..	Johnny & His Strings		Holland	DIWA LP 3		M-/M-
EP	Flying Eagles	Scandinavian.....Vol.3.			Sweden	Rainbow.RMEP 881	M/M
EP	G/J Ingmann	Mustapha				Denmark	Metronome.MEP 1767	VG+/VG
LP	Hank C Burnette	Rockabilly Gasseroonie			U.K.	Sonet.SNTF 750		M-/M-
LP	Hank C Burnette	Don't Mess With My...			U.K.	Sonet.SNTF 693		M-/M-
LP	James Last	Guitar A Go Go				Germany	Polydor.249204		VG/VG
LP	Janne Schaffer	Second LP				U.K.	Vertigo.6360118		M-/M-
EP	Jim Moons Com.	Scandinavian.....Vol.10.		Sweden	Rainbow.RMEP 1681	M/M
LP	John Barry	Stringbeat   (Re.!)			France	Cherry RR BRES 51	M/M
LP	John Barry 7	The John Barry 7......			U.K.	SFM CM 110		M/M
LP	John Mill	Romantic Guitar				Holland	Common.WR CN 0111	M/M
LP	Jørgen Ingmann	And His Huitar				Denmark	Metronome.MLP15605	VG/VG
LP	Jørgen Ingmann	Årets Hitparade  (DLP!)			Denmark	Starbox LX 96001	M/M
LP	Jørgen Ingmann	Alle Tiders Hit Parade 1.		Denmark	Select LX 20022		M/M
LP	Jørgen Ingmann	Guitar In HI - FI			Germany Metronome HLP 10.039	VG+/VG+
LP	Jørgen Ingmann	Hitparade 1				Denmark Starbox LX 48 020	VG+/VG+
LP	Jørgen Ingmann	Hitparade 2				Denmark Starbox LX 48 024	VG+/VG+
LP	Jørgen Ingmann	Hitparade 3				Denmark Starbox LX 48 025	VG+/VG+
LP	Jørgen Ingmann	Hitparade 4				Denmark Starbox LX 60 017	VG+/VG+
LP	Jørgen Ingmann	Hitparade 5 				Denmark Starbox LX 60 022	VG+/VG+
LP	Jørgen Ingmann	TV Temaer				Denmark Starbox LX 60 031	VG+/VG+
EP	Jørgen Ingmann	Pepe/Apache				Sweden	Metronome.MEP 1790	VG+/VG+
EP	Lenny Clearwall	Instrumental Hits Vol.1.		Sweden	Rainbow.RBMS 581	M/M
LP	Les Paul	Gitarren Hits				Germany	Decca.SLK 16838 P	M-/M-
CD	Lillvar Jønsson	Fri					Norway	Creative.A.LJCD-0690	M/M
LP	Los Valentinos	No Vocals				Norway	Polydor.2380042		M/M
LP	Los Valentinos	In Action!				Denmark	Polydor.2488 269	VG+/VG+
LP	M.L.Rockbottom	14 Carazy Instr. Sides			Sweden	Crazy.33CR13 (Blue vinyl) M/M
LP	Mad Dog		Music For Guitars			U.K.	Chappell LPC.1073	VG+/VG+
LP	Man Of Mystery	The Shadows Of Today			Holland	Negram.NR.130		VG+/VG+
LP	Naboens Roceb.	Skarp Sving				Norway	Artic.ARC 8607		M-/M-
EP	Peter Abrams	Lonsome Fella				Denmark	Joker.JDEP 1401		M-/M-
LP	Playing Rockets	Once With				Holland	Monopole.MLP0199/865	M-/M-
LP	Poul Freiber	Slingrevalsen				Denmark	Polydor.2444083		M-/M-
LP	Profile		Shadows Greatest Hits			Belgium	Capri.134		M-/M-
EP	Reidar Heggedal	Scandinavian.....Vol.5.			Sweden	Rainbow.RMEP 1181 	M/M
LP	Ricky King	Play Golden Guitar...			Germany	Epic. 81740		M-/M-
LP	Ricky King	Applaus Fur				Germany	Marifon 47954 XAT	M-/M-
LP	Ricky King	Lieder Gehen Um Dei..			Holland	Epic.EPC 85658		M-/M-
LP	Ricky King	Golden Guitar Symph...			Holland	Epic.EPC 24002		M-/M-
LP	Roy Brown Orch.	Guitar Party				Germany	First Class.05228088	VG/VG
LP	Santoro II	Land Of The Pharao			Holland	ANS 001			M-/M-
LP	Shakin'Arrows	Back Again				Holland	Monopole.MLP 0100/884	M/M
LP	Spotnicks/Jokers Guitar Explotion			France	MFP.2M04613145		M-/M-
LP	Sven Erics	Kom Till Mej				Sweden	Tyfon.TFLP 75058N	M/M
EP	The Basemen	Scandinavian.....Vol.2.			Sweden	Rainbow.RMEP 781	M/M
LP	The Fellows	14 Guitar Hits				Holland	DSR LSP 8110		M/M
EP	The Fellows	Rocker EP   2.				Holland	Rocker.1961.3302	M/M
LP	The Hunters	Teen Scene (Limited Re!)		Sweden	Fontana.9290202		M/M
LP	The Jokers	Guitar Boogie Vol.3.			Belgium	MFP.2M0269814		M-/M-
LP	The Jokers	Guitar Boogie				France	MFP.2M04613108		M-/M-
LP	The Moonriders	The Long Way Home			Sweden	Rainbow.RMLP 2004	M/M
EP	The Moonriders	Scandinavian.....Vol.6.			Sweden	Rainbow.RMEP 1281	M/M
LP	The Routers	Play 1963 Great Inst....		USA	W.B.1524		VG-/VG-
EP	The Sentimentals Scandinavian.....Vol.4.		Sweden	Rainbow.RMEP 981	M/M
LP	The Spotnicks	The Atomic Spotnicks			Austria	Polydor.2485046 	M-/M-
LP	The Spotnicks	Psst baby Spotnicks are calling	        Interdisc  ILPS 155	        VG+/VG+ 
LP	The Spotnicks	In the middle of the...			Germany	ASTAN U20109		M/M
LP	The Spotnicks	Pop History Vol.12 (DLP)		Germany	Polydor.2675016		M-/M-
LP	The Spotnicks	On Tour					Germany	Karusell.2499050	M-/M-
LP	The Spotnicks	The Story Of  (DLP!!)			Norway	Polydor.2664378		M-/M-
LP	The Spotnicks	In Winterland  (Re!)			Sweden	Swedisc.SWELP 423	M/M
LP	The Spotnicks	In the middle of the...			Sweden	Mill.5019		M/M
LP	The Spotnicks	Highway Boogie				Sweden	Mill.5028		M/M
LP	The Spotnicks	The Graeat Snowman			Sweden	M.Records.MILP 1300	M/M
LP	The Spotnicks	In Tokyo				Sweden	Rainbow.RMLP 2010	M/M
LP	The Spotnicks	Saturday Night Music			Sweden	M.Records.MILP 1304	M/M
LP	The Spotnicks	Rocking Guitar Sounds			Sweden	Jan.33-8025		M/M
LP	The Spotnicks	In Stockholm    (Re!)			Sweden	Swedisc.SWELP 418	M/M
EP	The Spotnicks	On The Air				U.K.	Oriole.EP 7075		VG/VG-
EP	The Spotnicks 	On The Air				Sweden	Karusell.KSEP 3272	VG/VG
EP	The Tornadoes	The Sound Of				U.K.	Decca.DFE 8510		VG/VG
LP	The Ventures	Portrait   (Double LP!)			Germany	U.A.UAS 29352/53 XD	M-/M-
LP	The Ventures	Now Playing				Germany	U.A.UAS 29864 XO	M-/M-
LP	The Ventures	Play The Carpenters			Germany	U.A. 29636 I		M-/M-
LP	The Ventures	10Th Anniversary (DLP!)			Germany	Liberty.LBS 83398/99	M-/M-
LP	The Ventures	Now Playing				Holland	U.S.1C06496851		M-/M-
LP	The Ventures	Nasa 25Th Anniversary			Norway	Award Rec.EA 12003	M-/M-
LP	The Ventures	Knock me out				U.K.	Liberty.LBL 83127E	M-/M-
LP	The Ventures	Best Of Pop Sounds			U.K.	U.A.UAS 29249		M-/M-
LP	The Ventures	In Space				USA	Dolton BST-8027		M-/M
LP	The Ventures	The Horse				USA	Liberty.LST-8057	M-/M-
LP	The Ventures	Runnin' Strong				USA	Pickwick.SPC-3618	M-/M-
LP	The Ventures	Runnin' Strong				USA	Sunset SUS-5116		VG+/VG+
LP	The Ventures	Underground Fire			USA	Liberty.LST-8059	VG+/VG+
LP	The Ventures	Swamp Rock				USA	Liberty.LST-8062	M-/M-
LP	The Ventures	New Testament				USA	U.A.UAS 6796		VG+/VG+
LP	The Violents	Midnight Stars				Sweden	Rainbow.RMLP 2002	M/M
LP	The Jet Blacks	Golden Hits Of The 60's			Brazil	Brasidisc.452.002	VG+/VG+
LP	The Jet Blacks	Remember The Shadows & The Ventures	Brazil	Brasidisc.LP 9004	VG+/VG+
LP	Tommy Seebach	Disco Tango				Denmark	EMI.6C06239290		M/M
LP	Various		Space Invations				France	Ronco.RTL 2051		VG+/VG+
LP	Various		Hit Gitarre				Germany	MFP.5609		M/M
LP	Various		Golden Pop Instrumen...			Germany	Arcade ADEG 80		VG+/VG+
LP	Various		Instrumental masters			Holland	DSR LSP 8007		M-/M-
LP	Various		The Rocker Collection			Holland	Rocker.123301		M/M
LP	Various		The Golden Guitar 2			Holland	MCR 1714		M/M
LP	Various		Instrumental masters 2			Holland	DSR LSP 8113		M/M
LP	Various		Guitar In Super Stereo			Norway	Karusell.2415021	M/M
LP	Various		More Scandinavian Instr.		Sweden	Rainbow.RMLP 2001	M/M
LP	Various		Scandinavian Instr.&Beat		Sweden	Rainbow.RMLP 1081	M/M
EP	Various		4:E Skivmessan Hova			Sweden	R.bow.Spec3.(Red,300 made) M/M	
EP	Various		Scandinavian.....Vol.8.			Sweden	Rainbow.RMEP 1381	M/M
LP	Various		British Rock'nRoll 55-60		U.K.	SFM SEE 38		M/M
LP	Various		Instr.Rock & Roll			U.K.	EMI.MFP.415750 1	M/M
BOX	Various Artists	Golden Guitar Magic(4LP)		USA	R.Digest.Rca-Rda75D1D4	M-/M-
LP	Varoius		Great Britsh Instrument..		Belgium	Decca.LPX 494		M/M
LP	Åke H.Nilsson	Gitargodingar Vol.1.			Sweden	Tyfon.TFLP 75059	M/M
LP	Åke H.Nilsson	Gitargodingar Vol.2.			Sweden	Tyfon.TFLP 75081	M/M